Multispan, A Leading Manufacturer of Process Control Instruments

Automatic Power Factor Controller

We have utilized our advanced manufacturing facility to manufacture and supply a superior range of Automatic Power Factor Controller in 6/8/12/14/16 Stage.

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Cryo Cooling Controller

controller for cooling equipments

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PID Temperature Controllers

With decades of our experience in providing world class PID temperature controllers having advanced PID algorithms to provide stable temperature control which are supported by a continuous research & development program.

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Multifunction Energy Meters

Multifunction meters are for reliable and accurate measurement of both AC parameters (voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, and energy) and DC parameters (voltage and current) for industrial and commercial applications.

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Programmable timers and Counters

Our wide range of timers and counters is rich in features with different operating modes that are available in various time ranges with decimal accuracy.

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Jumbo displays

4”& 8”Large LED Display with bright digits that can be monitored from a large distance. Process Indicator accepts major industry standard inputs like Thermocouples, RTD, mA, V to monitor process variables such as temperature, pressure, level, humidity, flow, etc. 

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Analog & Temperature Scanners

Scanner offers multi-channel monitoring with advanced functions and simple programming features.

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Our range of process instruments & energy meters, panel meters have varied industrial applications from complex ones like
valve controlling to maintenance of temperature for accurate plastic sealing of food containers to ensure content freshness.

New products

Universal Timer + Counter

Multispan Universal Timer and Counter

Voltage Protection Device

Multispan Voltage Protection Device

Single Phase Voltage Relay

Multispan Single Phase Voltage Relay

Voltage Protection Relay

Multispan Voltage Protection Relay

DC Panel Meter

Multispan DC Panel Meter

SSR - Solid State Relay

Multispan SSR Solid State Relay

SMPS - Switched Mode Power Supply

Multispan SMPS Switched Mode Power Supply


Multispan Process Controller


Multispan Water Level Controller

Single Phase Preventer

Multispan Single Phase Preventer

Phase Sequence Relay

Multispan Phase Sequence Relay

Voltage Monitor Relay

Multispan Voltage Monitor Relay

Multi Channel Current Transducer

Multispan Multi Channel Current Transducer

Photo Electric Controllers-Fully Pneumatic Packaging Machine

Multispan Photoelectric Controllers For Pneumatic Packaging Machine

Humidity Controller

Multispan Humidity Controller

Temperature Scanner 8 channel USB

Multispan Temperature Scanner 8 channel USB


Multispan Isolator

Color Mark Sensor-5X

Multispan Color Mark Sensor


Multispan VAF Meter

Automatic Power Factor Controller

Multispan Automatic Power Factor Controller

Cryo Cooling Controller

Multispan Cryo Cooling Controller

Temperature Scanner 16 Channel

Multispan Temperature Scanner 16 Channel