Temperature Controller

Equipment suitable for measuring and controlling the main industrial process variables

Basic Temperature Controller

    • Fix Input (J/K/RTD) PID/On-Off Controller
    • 3-Digit Single/Dual Red/White LED Display
    • Single Output (Relay || SSR)
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Basic Temperature Controllers

PID Temperature Controller

    • Universal Input (J/K/RTD) PID Controller
    • 4-Digit Single/Dual Red/White LED Display
    • Single & Dual Output (Relay || SSR + Relay or SSR)
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PID Temperature Controller

Universal PID Controller

    • Universal Input (J/K/RTD/4-20mA DC/0-10V DC/0-20mA DC) PID Controller
    • 4-Digit Dual White LED Display
    • 2-Relay Output with Analog Output & RS-485 Modbus Facility
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Universal PID Temperature Controller

PID Controller Modules

    • Din Rail Mounted Universal Input PID Controller
    • Single or Dual Output (Relay or SSR) 
    • Upto 7-Slave Modules Connects with 1-Master Module
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PID Controller Modules for Precise Temperature Control

Humidity Controller

    • Humidity + Temperature Controller with RTD & Humidity Sensor Input
    • 4-Digit Dual Display
    • 2-Relay Output for Humidification/Dehumidification Function
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PID Controller with Ampere Indication

    • J/K-Type Thermocouple Input PID Controller with Ampere Indication
    • With Single or Three Phase CT Upto 60A Rating
    • 3-Line, 3-Digit Display (SV, PV & Amp)
    • Upto 3-Relay Output with Cold Start Facility
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