Programmable Counters

Equipment suitable for measuring and controlling the main industrial process variables

Photo Electric Controller

    • Multi Proximity Input
    • Upto 8-Relay Output
    • Clutch Brake Output
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programmable counters and photoelectric controllers

Vibrator Controller

    • Proximity Input
    • Variable Percentage Output for Vibrator Coil
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Vibrator Controller Programmable Counters solution

Color mark sensors

    • Multicolor Sensing
    • Ultrafast & Accurate Response
    • Compact & Sleek Design
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Color Mark Sensors Programmable Counters

Functional Counters

    • Proximity & Encoder Input
    • 2-Relay Output
    • Multifunction Counters like Length Count, Batch Count, Product Count, RPM Indicator
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Functional Counters Programmable Counters

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