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Inception in 1986

Multispan Control Instruments Pvt Ltd, founded in 1986, began as "Multispan Instruments Company" with a modest workshop area of 1200 sq ft. The company's vision was to provide user-friendly and innovative panel-mounted Temperature controllers for injection molding, extrusion units, and other plastic processing machinery manufacturers in India. Over the years, the company expanded its product offerings, including Digital timers & counters, which complemented the Temperature controllers in control panels. Through dedicated research and development efforts, the company transitioned from solid-state-based technology to microcontroller-based designs for its products between 1995 and 2000. By the early 2000s, PID-based technology was introduced in Temperature control behavior, making Multispan products widely used across various industrial machines nationwide.


It's an overview of our History in past 37 years

  • Inception


    Inception of Multispan in a 1200 sq ft workshop for temperature controllers.

  • Product Diversification

    Product Diversification

    Launched timers and counters, expanding product offerings for machine manufacturers.

  • Inculcation of PID Technology

    Inculcation of PID Technology

    Inclusion of PID technology in temperature controllers for industrial machine optimization.

  • Rebranding with a new logo

    Rebranding with a new logo

    New logo signifies a fresh identity and direction, breathing new life into Multispan.

  • Facility expansion

    Facility expansion

    Added a 24,000 sq ft facility, expanding manufacturing capabilities and operational efficiency.

  • Further Expansion and Technological Upgrade

    Further Expansion and Technological Upgrade

    Expanded by 16,000 sq ft, introduced a new SMT line for technological upgrade.

  • Continuous Improvement and In-house Capabilities

    Continuous Improvement and In-house Capabilities

    SMT line expanded, in-house molding plant and tooling for vertical integration.

  • Global Presence

    Global Presence

    Exports to 30+ countries, showcasing a global presence and market success.

  • Present and Future: Ongoing Expansion

    Present and Future: Ongoing Expansion

    Multispan commits to innovation, quality, and global expansion in industrial automation.

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We’ve been thriving in 37 years


Innovation and Product Excellence

Multispan strives to continuously innovate and deliver high-quality control instruments that exceed customer expectations,
ensuring reliable solutions for various industrial needs.

  1.  Unwavering Commitment to Innovation
  2.  Unparalleled Quality Control
  3.  Reliable Solutions for Diverse Applications

Employee Empowerment and Growth

Empowering employees encourages them to think outside the box, take risks, and contribute to new ideas. By providing
opportunities for growth, we want our employees grow their potential and foster a culture of creativity and innovation.

  1. improved problem-solving abilities,
  2. better decision-making processes
  3. overall accelerated growth.
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Market Expansion

Expand our market presence globally, forging strong partnerships with distributors, channel partners, and OEMs to cater to a wider customer base.

  1. establishing a robust distribution network
  2. This ensures that our products or services are readily available to customers
  3. Collaboration fosters innovation and knowledge exchange.

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Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Integrate sustainable practices into our operations, products, and supply chain, contributing to a greener and more
environmentally responsible industrial landscape.

  1.  Fostering a culture of sustainability
  2.  Incorporating sustainable principles into every facet of our business
  3.  Innovating Progress, Preserving Earth: Our Commitment to Sustainability

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Customer Satisfaction

At Multispan, our primary focus is ensuring that our customers' needs and expectations are met to the fullest extent. We achieve this by taking the time to truly
understand their needs and providing tailored solutions that address those needs.

  1.  Our success is rooted in a customer-centric approach
  2.  Going beyond the ordinary
  3.  providing solutions that go the extra mile

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