Programmable Timers

Equipment suitable for measuring and controlling the main industrial process variables

Sequential Timer

    • Potential Free / Proxy Input to Trigger Timer
    • 2/4/8/12 Potential Free Relay or Transistor Output Any Fixed
    • Cascading Mode Available in 4 and 8 Channel
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Programmable Sequential Timer solution

Programmble Timer

    • Available with Potential Free, Proxy, 230V AC Enable Input
    • Forward-Reverse, Sequential, Combinational, Delay On/Off, Cyclic Program Configurable
    • 1-Relay, 2-C/O and 2 Relay,1-C/O
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Programmable Timers Versatile Timing Solutions

Time Totaliser

    • For Counting System or Machine Run Hour
    • 6-Digit Red LED for Hour, Minute and Second Configurable Display
    • With Front and Terminal Reset Optional
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Programmable Timers Time Totaliser MultiSpan

Thumbwheel Timer

    • Easy to Understand Delay On-Off Timer
    • Time Set by Thumbwheel
    • 1-Relay, 2-C/O with Remote Reset Option
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Programmable Timers Thumbwheel Timer multispan

Din rail Timer - Electronics Time Relay

    • Knob Setting for Time Range
    • Star Delta, On-Off Delay, Forward Reverse, Cyclic Timer
    • Available with Universal Supply
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Din rail Timer Electronic Time Relay solution

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