Energy Management System | IIOT

Multispan Industrial IoT Service Provide Energy & Power Management, Process Automation, Data logging and Power Factor Management Solution on Cloud.

  • Live Dashboard Monitoring parameters live on web app and mobile app.
  • Historical Reports Historical data available over months, quarters or years and generate individual reports.
  • Data Analytics System analytics with graphical representation
  • Digital Alerts Alerts on emails, alert services on dashboard (web user, android user).

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Temperature Monitoring System | IIOT

Conceptualization to interface development to demo followed by deployment of instruments. Single window customer support. Faster returns for the end customers on Investments In IIOT solutions

  • Predictive Analytics Predictive production capacity reference model driven from MIIOT system solution.
  • Historical data and production capacity Manage targeted future production capability decisions on the base of historical system data.
  • Assets/Employee Management Assets/Employee capacity management decisions for preceding production cycle.
  • Disaster Management Disaster management charts and database for critical decision gets available on request with particular industry survey.

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Fault Analysis Management | IIOT

  • 10 to 16 Nos of digital inputs selectable with audio alarm (16 Input potential free contact), visual indication & control trigger out come
  • Scalable to multi range of inputs with same platform
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Fully reliable IIoT 4.0 component for
    • Smart Building Management System (BMS)
    • Health care Integration component
    • Industrial automation & applications
    • Control panel/MCC Panel application
    • Industrial chiller, HVAC system and submersible pump application
    • D.G set & Road construction sites(remote) application
    • Power plant automation integration component
    • PORT automation integration component
    • Fire & safety and IT Infrastructure control room application
    • Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical integration component

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