Protection Relays

Equipment suitable for measuring and controlling the main industrial process variables

Automatic Power Factor Controller- APFC

    • Monitors Single CT
    • Auto/Manual/kVAr Selectable Modes
    • Auto kVAr via Built-in Capacitor CT
    • Stage Options: 8, 12, 14, or 16
    • Integrated Fan & Alarm Outputs
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 Automatic Power Factor Controller

Motor Protection Relay

    • 3-CT Input Monitor Voltage and Current Fluctuation
    • 3-Line Display – 3-Digit for 3Ø Ampere, Voltage and Frequency Monitoring
    • Programmable Tripping Parameter Under/Over Voltage, Under/Over Current, Under/Over Frequency , SPP, Phase Sequence, Rotor Lock, Phase Asymmetry, Earth Leakage Optional
    • 2-Relay with RS-485 Modbus Communication Optional
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Motor Protection Relay solutions

Voltage Protection Relay

    • 1Ø-2Wire 3Ø-3Wire/4Wire
    • Space Saving Din-rail Design with 17.5mm, 22.5mm, 35mm Width, Panel Mount 96mm, 72mm Square
    • Monitor AC Voltage Fluctuation with Programmable Tripping Parameter Under/Over Voltage, SPP, Phase Sequence
    • Output 1-Relay, 2-C/O, 2-Relay, 1-C/O with Fail Safe Mode Option
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Voltage Protection Relay sub category

Current Protection Relay

    • 1-CT Sensing and 3-CT Sensing
    • Dinrail Design with 17.5mm, 22.5mm, 35mm Width and Panel Mount 96sq. mm
    • Monitor AC Current Fluctuation and Trip System to Prevent Load Damage and Malfunctioning
    • Programmable Tripping Parameter- Under/Over Current, Phase loss
    • 1-Relay, 1-C/O with Fail Safe and Non Fail Safe Mode Option
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Current Protection Relay Solutions

3Ø AC Overload Relays

    • Overload Builtin CT Hence No Need of Separate CT
    • Overload Range 10-30A AC, 10-60A AC, 30-60A AC,50-100A AC
    • Settable Trip and Power On Delay
    • 1-Relay for Trip
    • Front Test and Rest Key
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3-Phase AC Overload Relays solution

Earth to Neutral Relay

    • Measure Voltage between Earth and Neutral
    • Range: 0 to 10V AC
    • Programmable 1-Relay, 1-C/O with Fail Safe Option
    • RS-485 Modbus Communication Optional
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Earth to Neutral Relay solutions

Earth Leakage Relay

    • Input CBCT of Range 30mA AC to 30A AC Programmable
    • Dinrail and Panel Mounting
    • Available Built In CBCT of 35mm id with Range 30mA-3A AC
    • 1-Relay, 1-C/O with Fail Safe Mode Option
    • RS-485 Modbus Communication Optional
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Earth Leakage Relay solutions

Earth Fault Relay

    • Dinrail Mounting Relay
    • Input Through CBCT of Secondary 5A AC
    • 1-Relay, 1-C/O with Fail Safe Mode Option
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Phase Sequence Relay

    • 3Ø Line Voltage Input
    • Monitor Sequence of R-Y-B, Phase Loss and Phase Asymmetry
    • 1-Relay, 1-C/O for Trip or Alarm in Unhealthy Input
    • Front Enough big R-Y-B LED Display for Fault Identification After Trip
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Phase Sequence Relay solution

Load Sharing Relay

    •  Relay Sharing Load Between 2-Output Like, Motor, Pump, Generator
    • 2-Potential Free Input
    • 2-Potential Free Output
    • Relay Increasing Life of Load like Pump, Motor, and Generator etc.
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Load Sharing Relay for Enhanced Protection solutions

Winding Temperature Relay

    • Safety Relay for Motor, Transformer in Terms of High Temperature Sensing
    • PTC Temperature Input
    • 1-Relay for Trip and 1-Relay for Alarm
    • Universal Aux Power Supply: 50-550V AC
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Winding Temperature Relay solution

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