WTR-35 Winding Temperature Relay - product image WTR-35 Winding Temperature Relay - product image WTR-35 Winding Temperature Relay - product image

Winding Temperature Relay

Product: WTR-35

  • Safety device for Electrical Motor in Industry
  • Trip based on overheating sense in Motor Winding
  • PTC Temperature Input
  • 1 Relay 1 C/O,5A, 230V AC
  • Front LED indication for Fault Identification
  • Size: 90 X 35 X 61.5 (H XW X D) mm
  • Supply Voltage : 50-550V AC

Auxiliary Supply

50 To 550V AC

Output contact 1Relay 2 CO
contact rating(resistive) 5 Amp 230V AC (resistive)
Input PTC Thermistor
Setting for PTC
1. Sensor Short 0-39 ohm
2. Sensor Healthy 40 ohm - 4K ohm
3. Sensor Trip  4.1K ohm - 5.5K ohm  
4. Sensor Open 5.6K ohm & Above
5. Sensor Cut in 1.5K ohm - 1.8K ohm
Temperature range for Thermistor 70°C to 180°C ( for PTC)
Trip time delay Less than 1 sec.
Resetting Auto / Manual(Remote)
Mode of operation Fail safe / Non-fail safe
1. Power on LED
2. Sensor Short LED
3. Sensor Healthy LED
4. Sensor Trip LED
5. Sensor Open Sensor Short, Healthy & Trip LED
Enclosure ABS / PC ABS
Dimensions (mm) 90 X 35 X 61.5
Mounting 35 mm Rail Mounting
1. Power on -5°C to +60°C
2. Sensor faulty/Healthy Up to 95% Rh

Product Variant

Part Code Voltage Input Output Supply
 WTR-35-E2-00 PTC Sensor 1R 1C/O 50V-520V AC

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