CTR-632-Current Transducer - product image CTR-632-Current Transducer - product image CTR-632-Current Transducer - product image

Current Transducer

Product: CTR-632

  • CT Input with Fix Analog Output
  • Available in Single and Dual Output with Higher Noise Rejection Ratio
  • 3-Way Isolation Input-Output, Input-Supply, Output-Supply
  • Size: (H)76mm x (W)28mm x (D)85mm
  • Supply Voltage: 100-270V AC/24V DC

Input 0 to 5Amp AC (True RMS)
CMRR >120dp (Typical)
Temperature Co-efficient <100 PPM
Size (mm) 76 (H) X 28 (W) X 85 (D)
Output 1 & 2 0 to 20mA DC, 4 to 20mA DC, 0 to 10V DC (Factory Set)
Response Type <150ms
Output Inpedance <500Ω
Auxiliary Voltage 100 to 270V AC,50/60Hz
Power Consumption ( VA Rating ) 4VA @230V AC
Isolation Type Optical - 3 way
Isolation between
supply, input & Output
At least 1.5KV AC for 1 min

  • Field Interface Device
  • Impedance Matching of Transmitters and Receiver
  • Isolation of Field Signals
  • Distribution of Signals
  • Factory Automation
  • Powering of Field Transmitters

Product Variant

sr.no Model No Input  Output 1  Output 2  Aux.supply
1 CTR-63-A2-A 0-5A AC  4-20mA   100-270V AC 
2 CTR-63-A2-A-01 0-1A AC  4-20mA   
3 CTR-63-A2-V 0-5A AC  0-10V DC   
4 CTR-63-A2-V-01 0-1A AC  0-10V DC   
5 CTR-63-24-A 0-5A AC  4-20mA   24V DC 
6 CTR-63-24-A-01 0-1A AC  4-20mA   
7 CTR-63-24-V 0-5A AC  0-10V DC   
8 CTR-63-24-V-01 0-1A AC  0-10V DC   
9 CTR-632-A2-A 0-5A AC  4-20mA 4-20mA 100-270V AC 
10 CTR-632-A2-A-01 0-1A AC  4-20mA  4-20mA 
11 CTR-632-A2-V 0-5A AC  0-10V DC  0-10V DC 
12 CTR-632-A2-V-01 0-1A AC  0-10V DC  0-10V DC 
13 CTR-632-24-A 0-5A AC  4-20mA 4-20mA 24V DC 
14 CTR-632-24-A-01 0-1A AC  4-20mA  4-20mA 
15 CTR-632-24-V 0-5A AC  0-10V DC  0-10V DC 
16 CTR-632-24-V-01 0-1A AC  0-10V DC  0-10V DC 

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