Din rail Timer - Electronics Time Relay

Equipment suitable for measuring and controlling the main industrial process variables

On/Off Delay timer

  • Precise Timing: Delays Activation/Deactivation Upto 60, 30, or 10 Sec/Min/Hrs
  • Simple Setup: Fixed Time Ranges Eliminate Complex Programming
  • Wide Compatibility: Operates On Standard 230V AC Power

Cyclic Timer

  • Precise Timing: Control Activations/Deactivations from 0.1 Seconds to 10 Hours
  • Heavy-Duty Output: Handle Devices with a Single 5A SPDT (2-C/O) Relay at 230V AC
  • Adaptable Power: Works with Diverse Sources- 12-240V DC or 20-240V AC

On- Off Delay timer- Universal Supply and Time Range

  • Precise Timing: From 0.1 Seconds to 10 Hours, Delay Activations/Deactivations as Needed
  • On/Off Flexibility: Choose Between On-Delay or Off Delay Modes
  • Heavy-Duty Output: Control Devices with a Single 5A SPDT (2-C/O) Relay at 230V AC
  • Universal Power: Adapts to Various Supplies- 12-240V DC or 20-240V AC

Forward Reverse Timer

  • Forward & Reverse time : 0.1 Sec to 10 Hour
  • Pause time 1 to 100 Sec
  • 2-Relay 1-C/O, 5A, 230V AC
  • Universal Aux Supply 12 to 240V DC, 20V TO 240V AC

Star Delta Timer

  • Delay Range: 1-60 seconds
  • Pause Options: 50ms or 100ms
  • Versatile Power: Selectable 415VAC or 230VAC auxiliary supply

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