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Extrusion Plants

PID Temperature controllers forms the central figure for efficient melting of raw plastic granules in the zone-wise heaters to ensure proper lamination plastic film formation. Ampere meters to supervise the heater load consumption is used too. Energy meters for calculation of KWH Energy consumption of the machine. Any abnormalities in KWh reading may help a user to identify faulty AC motors or high-energy consuming devices.


Textile Machinery

Various product lines like Length counters, Speed indicators, RPM meters ensure more informed production output for factory owners. Proxy & pulse based Large display indicators ensures that production linemen are in the know of the latest production figures. Batch counting facility is available too for cloth batch production line. Alarms for all parameters are available too. 


Packaging Machinery

For accurate sealing of plastic wrappers & sachets ; PID Temperature controllers are used for heater temperature control & monitoring of Heater load ampere. Heater indicators are an additional help for showing whether heaters are in healthy condition or not. Regulating of cluth & break plus sensing the sachets mark, counting of sachets are also incorporated in a single multiple input & output controllers.



Process Industries

  • Temperature Scanners with upto 16 channels are ideal for zone-wise temperature monitoring in furnaces of power plants, cement plants & textile industries. For galvanic isolation purposes, signal isolators are used at various field lines.

  • Process controllers with analog inputs/ outputs like 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, 0-20mA with hi & low range setting ensure efficient controlling of parameters as pre-set by the user. Sequence timers are also widely used in dust collector systems, pharmaceutical equipment , cashew industries. Fault annunciators FA-11


Stone Cutting Machinery

Digital Timers & Counters facilitates accurate cutting and slicing of raw stone. A logical synchronizing of Digital Timers & Counters ensure proper cutting & slicing of a stone slab. Slice Thickness is controlled by Trolley counter, Left & right counter control horizontal travel time of blade while Timers control the depth of the stone to be cut. Ampere Relays are used for over load conservation of motors. 


Lab Testing Equipements

Lab equipments are small to medium sized instruments specifically for testing needs for various parameters which includes temperature, pressure, humidity with respect to time. We have come up with various products for this efficient & accurate control of these parameters. Water baths, Muffle furnace, Humidity & Temperature chambers, Chiller chambers, Autoclaves etcetra are such equipments. Protection devices might also become useful for monitoring of current & voltage signals.


Food processing

Food processing industry nowadays requires efficient controlling of Temperature with respect to time and count to ensure the end product food output quality is maintained as per guidelines of hygiene & nutrition. This is where Multispan products like LCD based PLC controller MPC-5062, Temperature Controllers TC-44, Timers & counters BC-445 plays a role.  Color mark sensor CMS -4x & 5x will be for sensing the mark for sealing & cutting the pouch along with count signals to the PLC


Pharmaceutical Applications

Tablet counting facility along with relevant timers makes sure the tablet count is optimised sensitivelt. Optimum facilities include tablets counting , rotary counting , tablet per minute speed measuremens. RPM indication & Station selection. Temperature Datalogger MSU-5716U is quite used in datalogging requirements. Rh + Temperature Control units are also available for storage units in pharmaceutical industry.