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Inception in 1986

With a modest beginning in 1986 in 1200 sq ft workshop area, “Multispan Instruments Company” was founded on the principles of providing user-friendly & “frugal” innovation based panel mounted Temperature controllers for injection moulding, extrusion units and other plastic processing machinery manufacturers in India.

In period, 1990-1995 company widened its product offerings like Digital timers & counters which complimented Temperature controller in control panels.

During 1995-2000, with more than 50 products, the company R&D efforts transitioned these products to micro-controller based design from solid-state based technology. In the same period, the company setup area was totaling around 3500 sq ft area.

In 2003, PID based technology was introduced in Temperature controlling behavior based on practical industrial tests carried out for various indigenously manufactured machine types suitable as per Indian industrial atmosphere. With 100+ products, Multispan products were now used across industrial machines countrywide. Factory & office was expanded to more than 10000 sq ft area..


Our logo represents the incoming of new range of practical product innovations that simplifies the automation of industrial applications. The clutter-free, slimmer definition portrays our straightforward perspective and transparent relationship principles in business



Multispan strives to build a respectful & pioneering team on the thought that its people are the greatest assets,which make it possible for us to deliver innovative, affordable & user-friendly solutions for varied industrial applications.

Research & Development

Greater user empathy yields more useful engineering products.

Our teams' niche is being able to conceptualize and decide on the product features based on customer needs, develop the prototype, field-test the product before a final launch within a month's time frame. With around 200 off-the-shelf products & customized industry-specific product portfolio, our range covers any particular engineering application.

Great design makes an engineering product a success. The company traditions emphasize on the user-interface & product industrial design along with the engineering design. Our culture embraces designer and engineer collaboration on a consistent basis. With a 25-member R&D team, we create a healthy orchestrated tension between creatives, engineers, and business for making a product a winner. Collaboration and user centered design is to be embedded across different parts of the company to succeed. By focusing on the user and innovating according to user needs, Multispan is able to make a strong and lasting impact on its customers and industrial markets. We believe that greater user empathy yields more useful engineering products.

Manufacturing & Quality

Product Quality is the never-ending marketing tool

A manufacturing capacity spread over 35000 sq ft is competent to meet the growing demand of the products in the market. Quality work results due to collaboration of both inward & outward quality teams where both raw electronic components as well the end electronic product goes through stringent quality checks. End products go through the accelerated aging process through simulated temperature and humidity cycling. Before product launch, stringent field trials are conducted at various industrial sites to overcome any quality issues arising in factory atmosphere.

Before product manufacturing is commenced, reliability tests are conducted thoroughly in certain pre-defined steps. Reliability tests are performed by recreating, simulation of certain industrial- specific atmosphere at our in-house facility.

Standard quality & reliability policies are laid into ISO standards & audits by the management team to ensure that quality assurance is maintained anytime.


  • CE Certified Product range
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified company since 2008
  • 100+ Standard products
  • 100+ OEM Customised Instruments
  • 100+ Channel partners across India
  • NABL accredited calibrated Products