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LC-1046 LC-2046 LC-445 LC-3006
MODEL LC-1046 LC-2046 LC-445 LC-3006
96X96X65 72X72X120 48X48X100 48X96X120
Description 6 Digit Total Mtr / 4 Digits Mtr/min 5 Digit Total Mtr /
4 Digits Mtr/min
6 Digit Total Mtr
4 Digit Mtr/Min
Display Upper: RED,
6-Digit, 0.4"
Lower: GREEN,
4-Digit, 0.4"
Upper: GREEN
, 6-Digit, 0.4"
Lower: RED,
4-Digit, 0.4"
Upper: RED,
5-Digit, 0.4"
Lower: GREEN,
4-Digit, 0.3"
RED, 6 Digit, 0.4"
Setting Front Keypad
Input NPN/PNP Proximity Switch / Micro Switch / 230V AC Pulse / Encoder
Diameter Feed Facility Facility To Feed Diameter
Power Supply 230V AC ± 20%, 50 Hz
Memory Retention Power Fail Memory
Set Point Single Set Point / Double Set Point (Optional)
Output 230V AC,5A (1C/O or 2C/O)
Indication LED To Indicate Relay Status
Reset Auto / Manual Reset Facility Reset at Back (Optional)
Cut Out (mm) 92 X 92 68 X 68 45 X 45 92 X 44
Mounting Flush panel mounting with clamps fixed Behind the panel
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