• Process Control Instruments

  • Overload relays: Current, Voltage

  • Programmable Timers & Counters

  • Temperature Controller


Stone Cutting Application

Digital Timers & Counters facilitates accurate cutting and slicing

Extrusion plants

Products like Length Counters and Ratio Indicators ensure production sp

Textile processing

Various product lines like Length counters, speed indicators, RPM meter

Pharmaceutical Machine

Tablet counting facility along with relevant timers makes sure the tabl

Packaging machine

For FMCG Retail packagings, pneumatic packaging automation solutions ar

Chemical Processing

Digital timers & counters with metal enclosure design ensure output

Paper Industry

From raw paper pulp to a perfectly bound book, our instruments play an

Current Events

  • Multi-function Meter


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New Products

  • Universal Input, Dual Display,3 Relay Output,PID Controller


    Dual Display,3 Relay Output,PID/TP/ON-OFF Control Action

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  • Universal Input,Dual Display, Dual Output,PID Controller- Full Feature


    Double Display,Dual Output,PID/TP/ON-OFF Control Action

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  • Universal Input,Dual Display,Dual Output,PID Controller, Basic Feature


    Double Display,Dual Output,PID/ON-OFF Control Action

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  • 9 Digit Counter


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